Panama Finca Don Ruben


Whole beans from Finca Don Ruben in Panama, static cherry geisha.


Roasted on 28/02/2022.

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Whole beans from the farm Finca Don Ruben, in Panama. It is a geisha with a static cherry fermentation. It tastes dark chocolate, ripe fruits, candied cherries, liquorous.

Country : Panama
Region : Jaramillo Centro, Boquete
Farm : Finca Don Ruben
Altitude : 1400m
Total crop area : 5 ha
Number of trees : 11 400, growing beneath a canopy of citrus trees
Number of employees all year round : 3
Number of employees during the harvest : 15
Variety : Geisha
Process : Static cherry (60 hours anaerobic fermentation without moving the cherry)
Import : CCD


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