The Café

Our café is located at 30 rue Dussoubs in the second district of Paris. There are a limited number of seats all around the countertop, reservation-only, surrounding the central workstation with a 2-group Slayer. At the back of the store you can see our roaster the Loring S7.


Joachim, the owner, and the only roaster and barista of this place does as many things as possible in front of our guests, including latte art and V60, on this countertop we share together. His main goal is to offer a unique coffee experience to everyone in a joyful and sharing ambiance.


We have a main menu with several drinks made with the coffee of the moment and another menu displayed on the board, with more special/competition coffees. Most of them are vacuum-sealed, blast-frozen and stored in our freezer, waiting to be brewed.


This Japanese word means “I leave it up to you”. If you ask for an omakase, we will ask you questions about your preferences (“what’s your favorite fruit ?”, “what’s your favorite ice cream flavor ?”). Our goal is to understand your tastes so we can build a tailor-made coffee tasting course based on these. We will try to please you but also surprise you !

Happy to see you !

We are located at 30 rue Dussoubs 75002 Paris. We are open from Monday to Friday, from 12:30 to 19:00. Take a look at the reservation page.