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Whole beans from El Burro Estate in Panama, anaerobic slow dry geisha.


Roasted on 29/05/2023

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Whole beans from the farm El Burro from Lamastus family Estate, in Panama. It is a geisha anaerobic slow dry process.

Country : Panama
Region : Volcan Baru National Park
Farm : El Burro Estate
Altitude : 1675m
Soil : volcanic
Variety : Geisha
Process : anaerobic slow dry
Crop : 2022
Import : direct trade with Lasmastus Family Estate”

About the fermentation :
“The “A stands for the anaerobic inoculation or fermentation, in this case we let the carbon dioxide emitted by the fruits out of the tank and dondon’t let any oxygen in. It is a six days process of the whole coffee fruit in an anaerobic, or no oxygen tank, then after day six, the fruit goes into drying beds for a drying of more than 30 days. The “SD stands for Slow Dry, and any drying period over 30 days is considered a slow dry. An interesting and important fact that happens with the anaerobic process: The anaerobic tanks with the whole fruits inside it, release its own concentrated liquid or coffee fruit juices. And, after the sixth day in the tank there is a significant amount of concentrated liquid from the coffee fruit. This leach is full of the flavors of the variety, the terroir where the plants are located, of natural yeasts, natural microorganisms, natural bacterias, and in concentration, just like when you take a grape and separate the concentrated liquid from the seed and the juices is later used.”

Photos from Lamastus family Estate

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