Ethiopia Kochere Wibeti


Whole beans from Kochere region, heirloom washed process.


Roasted on 14/06/2021.


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Whole beans from Kochere region, it is a heirloom washed process. This coffee is very clean and very lemonny (candied lemon and lemon skins).

The following informations and pictures are provided by the importer Cuprima.

District : Kochere
Village : Boji
Region : 25 km from Chelelektu Town
Altitude : 1790-1900 meters above sea level
Number of people working at washing station : 500
Number of small farmers that bring in their coffee : 5000 – 6000 farmers
Soil Type : red brown, well drainage fertile, clay Soul
Rainfall : 1500 – 2000 mm
Temperature ranges : 22 °C – 28 °C
Soil depth : above 1,5 m
Water Source : spring water
Picking Season : from January to end of February
Variety : Heirloom
Crop : 2020
Process : Washed. The coffees under go a fermentation between 48h and 72h. Depending on the sun, coffees dry on african bed between 14 – 18 days.
Kg/bag : 60 kg / Grainpro

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