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Whole beans from the farm Gesha Village, Gori Gesha varietal in natural process. In the cup, it is a grand cru of cocoa, hazelnut paste and tonka.

Farm : Gesha Village
Producers : Rachel Samuel et Adam Overton
Country : Ethiopie
Region : Bench Maji
Altitude : 1973-2069m
Shaodw : Agroforestry system with a mix of indigenous shade tree varieties
Terre : Virgin forest, brown-red loamy soil
Température : 9-30°C
Faune : Variety of birds, wild boar, deer, cheetah, buffalo, lion, colobus monkey, hyena, porcupine, rabbit, and other endemic species
Parcelle : Shewa-Jibabu (48,5 hectares)
Variété : Gori Gesha
Process : Natural
Récolte : Early October to mid-January
Importateur : Directly with Gesha Village

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