Panama Iris Estate Terroir


Whole beans from Iris Estate in Panama, washed processed geisha.


Roasted on 01/07/2024

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Whole beans from the farm Iris Estate in the region of Boquete in Panama. It is a washed processed geisha.

Farm : Iris Estate
Producer : Jamison Savage, Sasa Sestic and Elvin Siew
Country : Panama
Region : Chiriqui
Altitude : 1800-2300m
Varietal : Geisha
Harvest : 2024
Process : “Terroir starts with a meticulous harvesting practice where only the ripest, intact, cherries are harvested with a BRIX reading over 21. These Geisha cherries are quickly brought to the milling station where the fruit is removed using the latest technolog in low-water consumption equipment. After milling, the coffee is brought to the dry-house. Here the coffee is shade-dried for more than 10 days.
Terroir is a shade-dried coffee. We shade-dry this coffee as it permits the coffee to slowly release it’s moisture content without cracking the parchment or shell of the coffee thus giving the coffee protection from heat and unwanted moisture during the evening. Inside the dry-houses, careful monitoring of temperature, airflow, and humidity is critical for optimal results.
After the coffees have been dried to 10.5-11% humidity it is placed in grain-pro bags and stored in bodega for up to 90 days. This “reposo” or rest gives the coffee the opportunity to equalize the humidity inside the grain and stabilize all while the coffee continues to absorb the layered complexities found within the parchment.
After reposo the coffees are then hulled, selected for density, size, shape, and color. Finally, the coffee is lightly vacuum packed and boxed for export to our global clients.”
Importer : Direct purchase with Jamison

Photos taken by us at the farm.


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