Panama Finca Deborah Biodynamic


Whole beans from Finca Deborah in Panama, carbonic maceration geisha, biodynamic culture.


Roasted on 07/03/2022.

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Whole beans from the Finca Deborah from Boquete in Panama. It is a very subtle carbonic maceration geisha, very floral, fruity as well. Body is heavy. This lot comes from the biodynamic part of the farm. The trees from this part produce less cherries than the others. Maybe that is why the flavors are more concentrated, producing a more powerful coffee than the others Deborah ?

Farm : Finca Deborah
Producer : Jamison Savage
Country : Panama
Région : Chiriqui
Altitude : 2000 m
Varietal : Geisha
Process : “With this process the biodynamic cherries are de-fruited and then placed in hermitically sealed tanks for more than 72 hrs. The tanks are frequently infused with CO2 to remove any residual oxygen. pH and temps are carefully monitored throughout the day. After the coffee has properly fermented it is removed and placed on shaded raised African beds where it is carefully dried for up to 15 days.”
Importer : Direct purchase with Jamison

In 2017, we visited Finca Deborah, the farm of Jamison Savage, located in Chiriqui, Panama. When you see the coffee trees in the forest, the care taken to pick the cherries, to process the beans, you understand why these coffees are so amazing and pure.

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