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Whole beans from Kirinyaga region in Kenya, it is SL28/34, Ruiru 11 varieties washed process.


Roasted on 11/04/2022.

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Whole beans from Kirinyaga region in Kenya, it is SL28/34, Ruiru 11 varieties washed process. It tastes tomato, citric acidity, very clean.

The following informations are provided by the importer Trabboca.

Region : Kirinyaga
Altitude : 1700-2000 meters above sea level
Rainfall : 2200 mm
Temperature : 19°C
Harvest and processing of lot : November-December
Varieties : SL 28 and 34 (90%) and Ruiru 11
Process : Washed. 24 hours of fermentation, 8-15 days of drying on raised beds.

Kambarare estate is a family ran estate that is located in the slopes of Mt Kenya forest in Kirinyaga county. the founder Mr Gerald Njagi who is my grandpa was a well known farmer nicknamed “shamba na ngombe” a swahili name meaning land and cattles. he planted his first 100 coffee trees in the year 1958 and he was among the first Kenyan to own a coffee farm. in the year 1998 he applied and got a pulping license after attaining 5000 coffee trees in his 13 acres of land which was the minimum requirement. he divided 8 acres of land among his 8 sons who would deliver their cherry to Kambarare estate. like many businesses this was not to be as some prefered delivering their produce to the nearby cooperative but this didnt stop him from fulfilling his passion. unfortunately he died 2011 a death that almost meant death of Kambarare Estate. i enrolled for college year 2012 and year 2015 i inherited my first 50 coffee trees from my dad and managed to produce 1500kgs from them. luckly i got a job year 2016 May and leased 100 trees and we started pulping again with my dad and one of my uncles. i was incharge of the whole process from fermentation,washing to drying and we managed to receive 600$ for 50kg bag of AA,AB and PB which was a record price. i now manage Kambarare together with My dad and my two brothers owning close to 1000 coffee trees being incharge of all the processing from pulping to drying. there have been no turning back from then and we managed to impress most buyers in cup quality. the year 2020 ieptember i decided we needed something different. we needed consistency with a buyer and someone who we would work toward quality as a team. i went to Trabocca website chat box, explained what Kambarare was and miraculously i got an email from
Matthew who is a coffee buyer incharge of east Africa. i shared my pre-miling samples through Rockbern coffee and got 87+ points which was impressive Our conversation with Matthew and Menno resulted to getting a deal even before i was through with my picking. a simple conversation that started from a chat box resulted to a conversation with Trabocca Founder. am optimistic that our relationship will continue to grow and its a journey we started towards quality.


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