Costa Rica Volcan Azul San Ramon


Whole beans from Volcan Azul in Costa Rica, San Ramon natural anaerobic.


Roasted on 12/02/2024

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Whole beans from Central region in Costa Rica, from the farm Volcan Azul. The first batch we roasted was praliné and melon.

Farm : Volcan Azul
Producer : Alejo Castro and his family <3
Country : Costa Rica
Region : Vallée Centrale
Altitude : 1600m
Variety : San Ramon
Process : Natural anaerobic
Harvest : 2023
Import : directly with Alejo Castro

The Volcan Azul farm is located near Volcan Poas in the Alajuela region. This is the very first coffee plantation we have visited and we keep a very good memory. The Castro family, heirs of a line of producers, commits to producing beautiful coffees. The son Alejo is lovely (not very professional to write it on a coffee description, but it is sincere). Keen to innovation, to experimentations, he’s running after offering the best cup possible. It is an honor to have one of these coffees.

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