Colombia La Roca State


Whole beans from La Roca State in Colombia, yellow honey geisha.


Roasted on 03/07/2023

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Whole beans from the farm La Roca in Colombia, in Tolima. It is a yellow honey geisha. First tasting was floral.

Country : Colombie
Region : Tolima
Farm : La Roca State
Altitude : 1850m
Total crop area : 4,5
Harvest ; 15-17th June 2022
Variety : Geisha
Process : 48h anaerobic
Importer : Desarolladores de Café

Jorge Rojas was born in 1988. With only 12 years he lost his father and started to work together with his mam on the family-owned coffee farm. He finished his school carreer after the 3rd grade and dedicated his life to coffee. He always wanted to produce high-end coffee and started soon to be part of the association called ASOPEP Planadas. From the beginning he has been using techniques of ecological agriculture and together with other 300 farms they got their organic BIO certificate via ASOPEP. So, he is one of the few producers of organic high-end specialty coffee.

This competition Geisha (or Gesha) lot has been fermented in two steps during 48 hours in total. The first 24 hours in buckets with lids in whole cherry, where the anaerobic fermentation began with a pH of 6.2. He pulped the coffee and added it again in a bucket with a lid during other 24 hours, where he finished it at a pH of 4. The temperature range was from 22 °C during daytime and 19 °C at night.

The coffee was then also dried in two steps: the first one in “Paseras”, where the temperature reached maximum 26 °C and the second one in “Marquesina”, where temperatures reached up to 34 °C. The total drying time was 28 days with an average of 4 hours of sunlight. We milled the nanolot at our own dry milling station at DDC in Medellín, used our screen 14 up and then manually sorted it bean by bean.

The result is a beautiful coffee that highlights exactly what you would expect from a Geisha: intense floral flavors, a more mouth-filling body, and some orange stone-fruits paired with juicy, sweet tangerine acidity, thanks to slightly extended fermentation. The step in the cherry helps body and sweetness, while the anaerobic environment highlights florals.

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