Colombia La Palma Y El Tucan Sidra Lactic


Whole beans from La Palma Y El Tucan from Colombia, Sidra lactic


Roasted on 16/07/2021.

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Whole beans from the Cundinamarca region in Colombia, from the farm La Palma Y El Tucan. The body is absolutely stunning, so silky, some said would be a French kiss of coffee. Flavors head towards the red fruits and flowers.

Farm : La Palma Y El Tucan
Country : Colombie
Region : Cundinamarca
Altitude : 1750m
Weather : Unique microclimates and environments with temperatures averaging 21 °c, relative humidity of 75 % and a minimum of 1600 sunny hours per year.
Variety : Sidra
Process : Lactic (60 hours of anaerobic fermentation, 24 hours of aerobic fermentation)
Drying : 25 days on african beds and 4 hours in mechanical dryers
Picking : August 2020
Lot number : 493
Farm area : 18 ha
Import : Equation Coffee

Words and photos from the importer : “This kind of fermentation is classified as anaerobic, as oxygen has minimal interaction with the cherry. Once the cherries arrive at the mill, they are hand sorted and placed in sealed, oxygen-free tanks for 60 hours. This is the pre-fermentation phase. Next, the cherries are pulped, and a second fermentation of 24 hours takes place in tanks again, but in this case, the tanks are open to the air (aerobic fermentation). The mucilage from the cherries forms its own liquid, helping to fill the tank partially. This allows the coffee to develop body and complexity. By avoiding contact with oxygen in the first stage and controlling temperatures to an average of 20° Celcius, we direct the bacteria to create a higher concentration of lactic acid, allowing for a unique profile of the resulting cup. The coffee is then sent to our raised beds to begin the drying process, which occurs over a period of 20 to 30 days.”

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