Colombia Finca Guacobia Pink Bourbon


Whole beans from Finca Guacobia from Colombia, pink bourbon.


Roasted on 29/05/2021.

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Whole beans from the Acevedo region in Colombia, from the farm Finca Guacobia.

Farm : Finca Guacobia
Producer : Andres Guaca
Country : Colombie
Region : San Adolfo, Acevedo, Huila
Altitude : 1550m
Variety : Pink Bourbon
Process : Washed (96 hours of anaerobic fermentation, depulping, 36 hours of aerobic fermentation, then washed)
Drying : 19 days
Picking : November 2020
Volume : 700kg per year
Import : Aroma Nativo

Words and photos from the importer : “Andres Guaca, 3rd generation of coffee producers owns Finca Guacobia with his wife and his two sons. Five years ago, Andres made a change towards specialty coffee. He has started to improve his post-picking practices, with controlled and experimental fermentations. On his 5 hectares farm and on his brother’s farm, he has started to plant different varietals like Pink Bourbon, Pacamara, Geisha, etc. His elder is already in love with coffee producing and his dream is to become an agronomist and to pursue the farm development.”

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