Our favorite spots in Paris

We would like to share with you our favorite spots in Paris. We want you to enjoy the best our beautiful city has to offer. It is not sponsorised. Usually in the shop we often end up talking about food and places we like, that is why we wanted to create this page. Feel free to ask us on Instagram for more specific recommandations.

Restaurants (unordered)


Coda is one of our favorite restaurant. They are a couple in the kitchen : Vincent et Pauline. They receive whole pieces of meat/fish and work everything from the head to the tail. They even do themselves the charcuterie. Coda’s cuisine is creative and tasty. The menu changes every week. We recommend to go for dinner (around 42€ at the time I am writing – which is insanely cheap for what you get to taste).

Atelier Pizza

This restaurant is quite far from Paris, yet we are there once a week. They do mainly pizzas with incredible ingredients. Don’t expect napolitan pizzas nor roman, just gastronomic pizzas. We like to compare their margherita to a Finca Deborah Terroir : complex and subtle. Manu the boss cares a lot about the products he gets and their taste. For us, it is one of the favorite pizza in the world. The desserts are insanely good as well. The menu changes every season. The recommandation is definetely to go for a Margherita.


If you want a taste of France, you have to eat crêpes. Tanguy is the place to get the more delicious ones and the closest you can get to the authentic ones in Brittany. The textures are incredible, the ingredients very comforting (the butter !). Our recommandation is to go for la complète which is ham, tomme (it is a kind of cheese) and egg.


This is the place to get a very good Texan BBQ ! It can compare to some of the best you can find in Texas. And here the sides are very good and well done. We recommend to go for the brisket and the so soft cornbread.

Fimmina Pizzeria

We love pizzas ! Fimmina pizzeria our favorite napolitan pizza in Paris. You have some classics but also some original recipes. Davide the pizzaiolo is very very consistent. We recommend : the Tina, the Loren and of course the Margherita and the Marinara. Even the sweet pizza made with the same dough but with an addition of cocoa is very good.

Ngoc Xuyen Saïgon

The best pho in town is here in the asian area of Paris. The broth is full of aromas, the textures are perfect. It is very consistent as well. The service is quick. You eat and then you are good to go. Even in delivery it is awesome !

Pastries (unordered)

LV Dream

We are not fans of Louis Vuitton however they have the best pastry chef of the world, Maxime Frédéric, working with them, so it is worthy of a visit. The prices are a bit expensive but this is the best of the best. The flavors are those from childhood, perfectly balanced.

Des Gâteaux et du Pain

We believe she is the most consistent and true to terroir pastry cheffe of France, Claire Damon. She is from the same region Joachim comes from : Auvergne. She brings with her tastes of this region, in particular one of our favorite fruit, the bilberry. Claire Damon also works with as many local products as she can. She was the first to showcase French almonds for the galette des rois. Our recommandation is to go (when available) for the Initiales CD which is a bilberry pie (those fruits are so hard to find, harvested by hand).

Jardin Sucré

A very consistent and good pastry shop. They change often their selection. It is seasonal and perfectly balanced.

La Galerie at George V

We go there often for their team time. Some pieces of pastries really are masterpieces. It is a duet between the pastry chef Michaël Bartocetti and Guillaume Cabrol the boulanger. It may seem expensive, but there is so much work in every piece and the service is really really perfect.

Du Pain et des Idées

One of our favorite viennoiseries in Paris. The taste and the recipes are very original. We recommend to taste the Sacristain, the chausson aux pommes (with an entire piece of apple inside) and the pain des amis is also nice.

Christophe Louie

You think you don’t like Panettone, so you have to taste Christophe Louie’s ones. It is made with sourdough and its incredibly balanced, soft like a cloud. The other pastries are classic but very well-done. The flan is amazing also.

Shops (unordered)

Viande et Chef

We don’t cook or eat meat at every lunch but when we do we go to this butcher shop. The whole team driven by Simon is really passionnate about what they do. The pâté-croûtes is incredible : complex and tasty (the jelly itself wow). The ham they do themselves is the best you can find in Paris (with no nitrites).

Terroirs d’Avenir

This is where we buy fruits and vegetables. Their products are so good ! They try to work local. You can find some exceptional and rare goods as well.

Taka et Vermo

Taka et Vermo has a very good selection of cheeses. Even if we are not huge fans of additions to cheese, when they add truffle to a Brillat Savarin or some chetsnuts jam and buckwheat to a brie, you just can’t say it is not gorgeous.