Panama Finca Deborah Terroir


Whole beans from Finca Deborah in Panama, washed geisha.


Roasted on 08/07/2024

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Whole beans from the Finca Deborah from Boquete in Panama. It is a very subtle coffee, very floral, that tastes like no other. One of our guests described it as an uncatchable ghost.

Farm : Finca Deborah
Producer : Jamison Savage
Country : Panama
Région : Chiriqui
Altitude : 2000 m
Varietal : Geisha
Harvest : 2023 (frozen green beans)
Process : Washed, dried on 3-layers african beds.
Importer : Direct purchase with Jamison

In 2017 and 2024, we visited Finca Deborah, the farm of Jamison Savage, located in Chiriqui, Panama. When you see the coffee trees in the forest, the care taken to pick the cherries, to process the beans, you understand why these coffees are so amazing and pure.

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